Jason Vale, Juice Master

 “The Jamie Oliver of Juice” OK Magazine

Jason Vale has sold over 4 million books worldwide and is highly regarded as one of the most influential people in the world of juicing and health. Jason is the number one best-selling author of 12 books, DVD’s, App’s and CD’S on juicing, health, fitness and junk food addiction. Jason is also the ‘Executive Pro-juicer’ of his hugely successful and groundbreaking documentary Super Juice Me! Where Jason tests his theory that chronic disease is caused by toxicity and nutritional deficiency, and that the best way to treat disease is simply with high quality nutrition.

“Jason Vale’s approach is all about taking control of your health and using common sense and logic. Always delivered with his unique humour and most importantly, easy to apply to your own life” – Beverley Knight

For Jason, juicing isn’t simply about creating a beautiful-tasting drink, it’s about so much more, it’s a way of life. He is the living example of the amazing results that can be achieved by incorporating juicing into our daily lives. Having suffered from asthma, severe psoriasis, eczema, extreme hay fever, obesity and many addictions including a 40-a-day cigarette habit, Jason cured himself through the power of freshly extracted fruit and vegetable juices. His asthma has now vanished; his eczema has disappeared; his psoriasis – which covered almost every inch of his body from top to toe – is 95% clear; his hay fever has improved dramatically and he is no longer overweight.  Jason puts all of this down to the power of freshly extracted juices and is now on a mission to ‘Juice the World’. 

” Jason is the absolute King of healthy living, he is inspiration but realistic. Not only are his juicing recipes sensational but his knowledge of nutrition, addiction and allergies make him a leading expert in health and wellbeing – Janey Lee Grace (Author & Co-Presenter, BBC Radio 2)

Jason Vale is most famous for his 7lbs In 7 days Super Juice Diet which hit the number one best-selling spot of ALL books on Amazon and Play.com. It also knocked the Da Vinci Code from the top spot of ALL books and is a favourite amongst many celebrities. The smart phone app based on the same programme has been number 1 in its category for the past two years.

Jason has featured on many television and radio shows including This Morning, Sunday Brunch,  The Alan Titchmarsh Show, Radio 1 Xtra, Chris Evans and regularly features in leading magazine publications including Hello!, OK!, New Magazine, Closer, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Zest, The Express and The Daily Mail (to name but a few!).  He is the leading expert in the UK and his message is rapidly spreading across Europe and the USA.

Please note that as Jason is on his mission to juice the world he cannot be guaranteed to be at the retreat during a particular date.

“Want an easy way to shed fat? Simply chuck some stuff in a blender, wizz them up and drink these super smoothies from Juice Master Jason Vale”  Mens Health Magazine.

The Juicy Oasis Team

Sarah and JoSarah & Jo

Sarah and Jo will be your first point of contact for any enquiries and for all bookings at Juicy Oasis. They know the retreat extremely well and will look after you throughout the booking process until after you touch back down at home. You can call Sarah and Jo on +44 (0)1234 480 280 or email info@juicyoasis.com and they will be able to answer all your questions from finding out what ‘rebounding’ is all about to arranging your transfers between the retreat and airport.


Kate is Jason’s partner and the executive retreat manager for both Juicy Oasis and also Turkey, so she can often be found on retreat. Kate has been running retreats for 10 years and juicing and fitness form the foundation of her daily life. She is passionate in trying to empower others to adopt a ‘whole food’ plant based diet and take control of their health. She is incredibly open and accommodating wherever possible and with so much retreat experience, she is able to empathise and understand the many situations that guest may experience.


Amy is also one of our excellent Retreat Managers and her go-get-it attitude will certainly keep you motivated. Amy shares Jason’s passion in health and nutrition and, as a dedicated snowboarder herself, is keen to promote health and fitness. Amy is a fantastic asset to the Juice Master Retreat Team.


Kirsty is one of our managers who’s enthusiasm for juicing and fitness is definitely infectious. Her main passion is to help guests reach their goals, and will encourage everyone to believe in themselves. Kirsty loves to take on a challenge and can always be found training for a marathon or a triathlon


Victoria was a regular Juicy guest for 5 years before joining the team. She is an absolute advocate of the juicy way and the huge benefits it offers, and you’ll see that in her energy and enthusiasm on the retreat. Victoria moved away from an intense career as a Commodities Broker and now is a trained Yoga Teacher and Health Coach. Magical things can happen on Juice and she will tell you herself that this is so much more than just a juice retreat. She transformed her life (not just with yoga, fruit and veg!) and loves helping others do the same.


I love being a fitness teacher and I feel blessed to work at Juicy Oasis. I am Portuguese, so my English is not perfect, but I am confident that I can help you achieve your fitness goals during your time at the retreat (providing you come to class!). I hope to inspire you with a variety of classes, from combat to circuits, to indoor cycling, HIT training and other fitness classes. I LOVE Volleyball and I hope to be able to help you love it to. Look forward to meeting you.


Natalie’s main passion in life (after juice!) is movement. She feels blessed to be able to use movement as a tool to help people tap into an inner vitality and joy. Her classes are sure to fuse her love of dance, yoga, and pilates for a holistic and dynamic training experience. Be prepared to move in a mindful way that connects the body, breath and mind. Now is the time to embrace and untapped your inner potential!


Steve is an exceptional Yoga Teacher and we are blessed to have him join our juicy team. He believes that movement is key to health and that juicing is the perfect companion to yoga. Steve has travelled the world to learn some of the Ancient healing modalities and looks forward to passing on that information through his unique and energetic styles of Yoga. Steve will also deliver daily meditation and relaxation classes for you to indulge in.


Ken Ryan is one of our magical Yoga Teacher’s and he is without question one of, if not the most spiritually uplifting Yoga, Meditation and Tai-Chi instructor on the planet. He will be taking sessions on Mediation, Tai-Chi and Yoga during his weeks as well as delivering some very special ‘Kenny Magic!”


Amanda loves to experiment with different juicy combos and enjoys sharing her passion for juicing with her friends and family. Amanda loves exploring different ways to incorporate yoga into everyday life, it’s not all about life on the mat after all! She has spent time researching different meditation techniques in India that she loves to share with the guests on retreat.


Shelley is the newest member of the team. She is enthusiastic, great fun and energetic. Her greatest attribute is her supportive and encouraging nature. She is passionate that by juicing regularly we can all achieve great healthy and vitality. She is an eternal yoga disciple.


Fran is passionate about approaching health and fitness holistically having suffered gut health issues as a teenager. Her philosophy is; ‘Eat clean, Move daily, Rest well’. Fran is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys training in the Brazilian martial arts Capoeira, yoga and participating in adventure obstacle events. She loves to chat about all things health and fitness so do pick her brains. Fran LOVES her avocado green juices, ginger and wheatgrass shots, YUM!


Becky has been managing for a number of years now and juicing is an integral part of her everyday life. Becky is passionate about the importance of a healthy balance in life and believes in a holistic approach to looking after the mind and body. As a qualified Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer and Digestive Health Consultant, Becky enjoys supporting guests in reaching their goals in health, nutrition and fitness.


Sam has worked in the fitness industry around the world for over 15 years. Once back on UK shores Sam qualified to become a Physiotherapist and has worked for the military in this field for the last 4 years, although still enjoying teaching a range of classes in her free time. Therefore she knows how to push you hard but can also give you a helping hand if required. Sam is extremely approachable, enthusiastic and loves to juice with her main passion being to help guests achieve their goals.


Khym is a superb Fitness Instructor who has worked for the RAF for over 10 years. In 2011 Khym completed the ‘Iron Man’ and was one of the most successful female competitors. Khym is approachable, energetic and fun and has a healthy addiction to keeping fit. She will encourage and motivate even the most apprehensive people and will help you achieve more than you think is possible

Andrea BrasAndrea

Andrea is a yoga teacher with years of practice in different yoga disciplines and she loves integrating a variety of styles into her classes. She has experience teaching students from all walks of life and strives to create classes that create body awareness, designing both vigorous and relaxing sessions that challenge students to discover and push through perceived limitations.


Juliet has been a big fan of Jason and juicing for many years and has inspired many of her own clients to get juicing. She has worked as a Personal trainer and Pilates teacher for over 12 years and runs her own Pilates studio in the heart of the New Forest. Juliet is known for her sense of humour and for bringing fun into every class. She is passionate about her work and has a reputation for having enormous energy and motivating everyone to be the best that they can. She practices what she preaches and juices regularly.


Amy is passionate about yoga and meditation and brings into her classes exploration, playfulness, and introspection. Amy’s yoga focuses on not only the physical body, but also attends to the inner body – making you feel stronger and more radiant from the inside out. When we can truly plug in and connect with ourselves, great transformations await!


Mourad received his classical training in the ancient art and science of Kundalini Yoga at SKY (The School of Kundalini Yoga UK). He shares this ancient practice from a deeply intuitive place and welcomes students to dive into their being, into the silence and inner knowing and then move from that place.
As a Kundalini yoga teacher he empowers his students to develop a practice they can take anywhere.
Mourad teaches students of all levels of fitness and experience and focuses on creating a joyful learning environment that is safe, accessible and effective for all.


Lee started off in the Fitness industry in 2005 training as a Personal Trainer but soon found her passion in Group Fitness and in particular the popular Les Mills brand with classes such as Body Combat and Body Pump. Today she sustains a healthy balance of Group Fitness, along with Yoga and Mediation and enjoys extending this joy to others, encouraging all to find their own way into a healthy holistic lifestyle.


Jacquie is on a mission to bring yoga to everyone! She is a very experienced teacher with over 20 years of yoga tucked under her belt. Teaching her own unique style of yoga, she is always striving for harmony and balance.She loves teaching Creative Flow, where the flow becomes like a moving meditation, uniting breath with every movement, practicing ahimsa by gently warming the body, allowing the body to blossom into a beautiful flow.


Julie Bolitho has been practicing yoga since 2004. Her practice began when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at the age of nineteen and she realized a disconnect existed between her mind, body and spirit. Her yoga practice flourished after discovering Kripalu yoga, a practice of yoga focusing on individual experience and compassion for self and others. Julie has a passion for teaching and aims to bring love and offer grace to all of her students.

Juicy Oasis Retreat Team

MarianaJuicy Oasis Colonic Hydrotherapist Team

At Juicy Oasis, we have a resident colonic hydrotherapist (Mariana Taveira) and also several English colonic therapists who work with us for several weeks a year. As well as being a qualified colonic hydrotherapist; trained by the renowned and respected Roger Groos (The founding member of the Association and Register of Colon Hydrotherapists (ARCH), now Honorary President and a Director of the General Naturopathic Council), Mariana is also a fully qualified nurse, so is on hand for any medical emergencies.

Juicy Oasis Massage Team

At Juicy Oasis we have an incredible team of therapist, including an osteopath and a ‘Myofacial’ therapists. We also offer two very different and beautiful treatments; ‘The Rainforest Experience’ and a sensual “Tantric’ massage (ladies only!).
For full details, please view our Spa Brochure.






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Juicy-Oasispng_07“My brother from another mother! I love this man so much! Thank you @jasonvale for literally everything! I highly recommend his retreat, Juicy Oasis, I Feel absolutely amazing and so energised.”
Alesha Dixon
(Singer & TV Presenter, Throwball QUEEN)
Ashley Roberts
“Had a lovely few days with my mate @juicemaster walking, training, juicing swimming, yogering!!!!! Loved it! Thank you”
Gary Barlow
“Life Changing, this is a very, very special place”
Samantha Womack
“Huge thanks to @jasonvale for a life changing week… Met some amazing people, learnt a lot and thoroughly recharged my batteries!!! I’ll definitely be back to Juicy Oasis!”
Vicky Pattison

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