Is Super Juice Me! for me?

We do not make any promises that we can cure or help any diseases. What we can say is based on Jason Vale’s 15 years of experience spreading the juicy word, we have seen improvements in a variety of ailments.

So why not give it a go and see what happens in 3 weeks at our retreat?

You must always consult your doctor prior to your stay if you are under medical supervision. We do not know your medical history and our staff are not medically trained so we cannot offer any specific medical advice. We will have a Nurse on-site during the programme but the retreat is not a hospital or convalescence.If you are looking for cures for diseases such as stage four cancer then our retreat is likely not the best place for you. Please have a look at the following retreats which may be more suitable: Oasis of Hope, Hippocrates Institute


We receive so many testimonials from people who have seen improvements in their conditions through juicing. Please find some below to inspire you to also take the chance to help your body.

“He has revolutionised my life and I feel 100% fitter, healthier and more energised. Even my arthritis has disappeared. I have changed my diet, lost weight and will never look book.” – J M Fry

“I have had lots of problems with my premenopause, the worst of which has been a total lack of energy. THANK YOU FOR MY LIFE BACK. By day 4 of 7 I felt better than I had for about 5 years and have experienced a reduction of the symptoms I have been suffering.” – B White

“I’ve been superjuiced, lost 2 stone, reduced my antidepressant medication (hoping to be off by Sept) and my FMS symptoms have improved.” – Y Conway-Starns

“It’s true when they say ‘nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels’. Because of juicing, I now have more energy, motivation and have a much better outlook to life. – Stuart C

“My skin is softer, my nails grow fast, my sleep apnoea is gone. My diabetes is cured. I was taking 7-8 pulls a say and a shot of insulin a night. My doctors can’t believe how quick I have turned around and got healthy again.” – J Levy

“I’ve had eczema all my life. Was getting out of hand. Juicing has made it completely disappear. Never been happier or fitter. Just wish it hadn’t taken so long for me to discover it! Will dot his for the rest of my life!.” – M Budmani

“Since I have been following the program I feel great, full of energy and vigour. I suffer from fibromyalgia and I must say that juicing vegetables and fruits give me all the vitamins and minerals I need, making me feel vibrant and positive.” – Deborah

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(Testimonials taken from the 28-Day retreat 2014)

‘Super Juice Me!’ Programme

Following on from Jason Vale’s hugely successful ‘Super Juice Me!’ documentary and the ‘Super Juice Me! 21 and 28 Day’ retreats we have run in 2014 and 2015 (which sold out almost as soon as they were announced), we have decided to offer people the opportunity to attend Juicy Oasis for 14, 21 or 28 days all year round. Although we are not running any specific ‘Super Juice Me!’ programme’s; for those that feel that they need more than just a 7-day retreat you can stay at Juicy Oasis for 2, 3 or 4 weeks to gain the benefits of a prolonged cleanse and juicing* regime. For consecutive week stays we offer a 5% discount on your room rate (if you are a returning guests, this is on top of your 5% loyalty discount on the consecutive weeks).

Combined with the wonderful balance of yoga; the invigorating walks; the varied and enjoyable exercise classes; the peace of mindful meditation and time to reflect; a prolonged stay at Juicy Oasis really embraces health and wellness on a much deeper level. You can really make a difference to your body, fitness, flexibility and mind in this time and make some lifelong changes. If you feel you are ready to take your health into your own hands, then call the team on +44 (0)1234 480 280 (option 1) for more information.

*In the cooler months we serve a vegan soup in the evening instead of the final juice

This Incredible Life-Changing Retreat Includes:

  • The full Juice and Smoothie Plan
  • Additional Supplements – including fresh Wheatgrass shots, protein powder and spirulina
  • Stop Smoking via Jason’s number 1 best selling ‘Stop Smoking in 2 Hours’ app
  • Change Your Relationship with Food and Alcohol via all of Jason’s Books
  • Weekly Coaching by Jason via the Big Screen in the Cinema
  • Infinity Pool*
  • 24-Hour Gym
  • Loft Sauna
  • Indoor and Outdoor Hot Pool
  • Nordic Walking Poles
  • Yoga and Meditation Sessions
  • Variety of Fitness Sessions (including Mini-Rebounding, Toning, Cardio, Walks and Much More
  • Juicing For Beginners Workshop
  • The ‘After Plan’ Talk
  • Wetsuits
  • Tennis Court
  • Table Tennis
  • Free WIFI
  • Lake
  • Eden Spa
  • All of Jason’s Apps and Books
  • Beach Volley Ball
  • Bikes

*Our fabulous outdoor infinity pool is not heated, but it makes the most amazing plunge pool after a hot sauna! We also have wetsuits available all year round, so there is no excuse not to enjoy a beautiful swim, whatever the weather.

Call our team today for more information

on +44 (0)1234 480 280 (option 1)

See some of the latest results from the ‘Super Juice Me!’ Plan below:

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